Chinese Green Tea Steeped in History

The Chinese deserve all the credit for cultivating the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, which changed the health and wealth of nations. In the history of tea, tea beverages sparked rebellions and spawned amazing fortunes. Tea changed the geography of countrysides and provided reasons for travel. Chinese Green Tea helped people enhance their health. The history of tea in itself is truly amazing.

In China, the tea plant grows to be 15 feet tall and lives for a century! What a great cash crop! Plant it once and watch it grow, then harvest the leaves and enjoy the profits for the rest of the year. Then repeat the process for 100 years.

The history of tea in China is legendary. It is believed that around 2737 B.C., the Emperor Shen Nung was very health conscious and dreamed of living well into old age, living out his true legacy. Shen Nung was convinced that to live a long full life, you should boil your water. This wasn't a bad idea in early times when hygiene and sanitary conditions were a fraction of what they are now.

The History of Tea Starts as a Simple Opportunity

One cool day, Shen Nung was enjoying a hot cup of water as his longevity juice when a few leaves from a Camellia sinensis bush blew into his teacup. Knowing that the hot water would probably kill any possible germs, he left the leaves in the cup to "brew". Then he drank the new beverage, the very first cup of Chinese Green Tea. For the next few hours, the emperor felt more alive and alert than before. He noticed that his mind was sharp and he could see answers to his problems. And he felt great for several hours. It was like he was renewed and rejuvenated, almost born again.

The very next day, the Emperor went back to the location outside where the tea leaves fell into his cup and became Chinese Green Tea. He didn't know he would be instrumental to the history of tea worldwide. Shen Nung commanded that his assistants collect the tea leaves and brew up more of his rejuvenating beverage. He shared the Chinese Green Tea beverage with his assistants; all of them felt the same renewal that the Emperor had felt the day before.

Opportunities are What You Make of Them

With a clear head from a cup of Chinese Green Tea, the Emperor envisioned what would happen next. He had the opportunity to make something of this little event, and could create the beginning history of tea. He envisioned thousands of people in his country enjoying the rejuvenating benefits of Chinese Green Tea with a simple cup of tea every day. And the best part was that the Chinese Green Tea plant was right there on their continent. It was a gift from above.

To this day, the Emperor's Chinese Green Tea has remained a legendary invention and a symbol of looking at every opportunity that is presented in front of you. The history of tea has encompassed every nation and millions have benefited from the simple act of tea leaves falling into a cup of boiling hot water.