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Amazing properties of green tea

Green tea consumption in a handful of families is common, but make sure there are people more aware of the benefits of tea consumption value of this drink can be absorbed. Very recently, the benefits of green tea is much talk and even the best tea drink water after they know. The black tea and green tea have that effect pigments that reduce risk of various cancers have been seen. When the tail take tea with the appropriate concentration, containing only half the caffeine of a cup of coffee is. However, there are also decaffeinated tea.

Chinese people long green tea as a drink and drug use are important and because of this plant, certain principles that are also produced. Recent addition to the Chinese people, green tea in many countries has many fans. The main reason for this welcome, people familiar with other countries with this type of beverage has health benefits. However, in cases where people offer each other advice and use some of the main factors of food or beverages, but in addition to green tea mouth recommendations, the researchers also its medicinal properties have confirmed. Daily drinking three to four cups of green tea prevented the risk of many diseases can be. About 25 researchers as the main reasons they know green tea.

Tea plant in hot weather grows. For the production of tea leaves usually smaller and younger are selected. In total, there are three types of tea: black tea, green tea and tea Avlang (a type of Chinese tea). Another benefit of green tea on Chayhay is less affected by the process and its components have remained stable. Green tea as an antioxidant and anticancer compound is known. Research shows that drinking green tea regularly can prevent and treat diseases like cancer desperation is very effective.

Many properties of green tea to a substance called Katchyn that its high antioxidant activity and antioxidants than vitamins C and E as a famous very strong activity. Drinking green tea can likely reduce various diseases; simple bacterial illnesses ranging from chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, cancer, dental problems, oral, and Astyvprz. Tea plant is a large flower with leaves and evergreen As mentioned, green tea is native to China and its more than five thousand years has been consumed. Today tea in all parts of Asia and parts of the Middle East and Africa also is grown. Black tea is fermented and given the size of green tea is healthy. Green tea is not fermented and semi-fermented tea is Avlang.

Overview of the properties of green tea:

Prevention and Treatment of Cancer:

Green tea contains compounds called Katchyn, phytochemicals and Pvlyfnvl that this kind of combined antioxidant (Antioxidant) are considered. Antioxidant ability to fight cancer cells has. This combination of cell growth and can prevent cancerous tumors. The prevalence of cancers such as breast, colon, skin, pancreas and stomach among people who drink green tea is less. The research done shows that people who drink green tea every day risk their great extent reduce.

Also, people with cancers such as leukemia, lung, stomach, breast and colon that drink green tea help in treating disease to a major. Mhqqyq green tea factor to prevent cancer because they know the amount of antioxidants in it 100 times Tasyrgzartr 25 times the vitamin C and vitamin E is Tasyrgzartr. We note that vitamin C and E as two important antioxidants are discussed. Thus drinking green tea antioxidants and receive the body against cancer will be protected. Research shows that people in countries where green tea every day, taking fewer cases of cancer, although no relation between cause and effect has not been confirmed. But black tea has no such property. Even if you eat too much black tea, the risk of colon cancer, gallbladder mucosa and increase your uterus. Cancer people drinking two or three cups of green tea a day can offer. In Japan, despite the highest cigarette smoking statistics, their lowest for lung cancer has been viewed. Studies suggests that green tea consumption with reduced incidence of breast cancer is associated with.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease:

One of the main causes of diseases and heart attacks, high cholesterol there is in human blood. Green tea in addition to vitamins A and C to reduce cholesterol in the blood is that this risk of heart attack and disease from the lowers. Also, green tea can prevent cardiovascular diseases. Daily consumption of five or more cups of green tea could be 61 percent to reduce the incidence of heart disease. Existence of free radicals in the arteries can lead to cardiovascular diseases. Katchyn while in green tea is able to cover the inner artery protect against free radicals and the device to prevent the incidence of heart disease. In Japan, even though smoking is common, but very common and the least heart disease in their statistics have been reported. Some reason to reduce the high consumption of green tea know. Since green tea also reduces blood cholesterol (LDL), triglycerides and fibrinogen (blood protein that plays a role in the formation of blood clots) is, this device is capable of incidence Rtrvasklrvz (hardening of the arteries) may prevent. Cholesterol with green tea significantly reduced. So can drinking green tea blood cholesterol levels, one of the important indicators of heart disease is reduced. Researchers believe that even after a heart attack by drinking green tea also causes cells repair damaged arteries and heart cells, and the healing process accelerates. Drinking at least three cups of green tea daily to heart patients is recommended.

Another point is that usually after a heart attack proteins produced in the body that comes with cell death, while Katchyn in green tea stop the activity of these proteins and to stroke and heart device to minimize and increases the speed of recovery. One of the active elements in green tea as aspirin prevents blood platelets from gathering that it improves blood circulation.

Reduce triglycerides:

Katchyn in green tea lipase enzyme activity (enzyme responsible for digestion of fats) pancreas (pancreatic) inhibits it. As a result, fat and broken into its absorbable components with very little can be done quickly. Considering the increase in blood triglycerides after consuming each meal a risk factor in the incidence of heart disease is a cup of green tea consumption between meals a good way in reducing blood triglycerides.

Hypertension following daily:

Use half to 5 / 2 cup of green tea a day risk of hypertension reduces to 64 percent. While consumption of more than 5 / 2 cups per day from the disease incidence to 56 percent decrease. Thus, daily consumption of three to four cups of green tea is recommended.

Prevention of diabetes:

Usually increases with age, blood sugar rises too slowly, especially if your diet not be enough. Weight over time, and then gone up the risk of Type II diabetes also increases. Daily consumption of five cups of green tea can help prevent diabetes. Green tea is capable of complications of diabetes such as cataracts and renal diseases how to prevent miraculously. But how green tea can reduce blood sugar is It seems the main mechanism, to inhibit enzyme activity of salivary and intestinal amylase (the enzyme responsible for starch digestion) is. With the inhibition activity of this enzyme, starch with a very slow speed and thus breaks a little blood sugar rises quickly. Tea with a meal rich in carbohydrates leads to slow release of glucose and its absorption is reduced and the device prevents the secretion of insulin.


Green tea thin your blood and prevents blood clots. With meat and unsaturated vegetable oils like corn oil and soybean is caused by compounds in the body that cause blood to be plaques, while consumption of green tea can be made to prevent blood clots.

Green Tea and youth:

Green tea as medicine Zdpyry (Anti - Aging) know. The main reason for the existence of a significant amount of antioxidants in green tea antioxidants, especially effective in maintaining freshness and youth. One of the prominent factors of antioxidants for health and freshness that makes the body's cells start to postpone the aging process are cells.

Weight loss and green tea:

By drinking green tea metabolism (metabolism) of body fat can be accelerated and thus save the excess fat is not. Research shows that drinking three cups of green tea daily can up to 70 calories of energy from fat to create fuel. Green tea is also capable of intestinal absorption of glucose and fat and to reduce vehicle weight to be in person. Been proven that people who consume green tea have a lower weight than people who do not consume green tea. Green tea prevents glucose stored in fat cells are. So can drinking green tea, control carbohydrate intake (sugars) and exercising regularly as a triangle for health and fitness named. Green tea extract can increase fuel calories and fats stored in body weight decrease is the result. Previous studies on animals have shown that green tea extract increases the process "Trmvjnsyz" is.

The process related to the production of body heat that digestion, absorption and metabolism of foods in the body is created. This same process research on humans has been proven. Caffeine green tea also increased 28 percent to 70 percent in Trmvjnsyz body. When "Afydryn" leaf green tea with caffeine is added, this property will be doubled. Substance in green tea called EGCG has also combined this substance and effect of caffeine and Afydryn has more on this process. But the point that there is green tea capsules and use it alone and quickly reduce the weight and should not be in addition to its use, proper diet and exercise also can be used alternately and continuously to achieve reached. Green tea as a factor that actually increases the metabolism rate can be proven and you can receive 70 extra calories from their 80 with just five cups of green tea drinking day burn. After one year you will be able to four kilograms of your weight just by drinking green tea lose, the same effect with about 15 minute walk daily.

Green tea and skin:

Antioxidants in green tea skin cells against free radical damage, especially that one of the causes of cancer and skin damage and disability are protecting. Thus, green tea prevents cancer, disability and eat the skin, especially skin wrinkles face.

Green tea and arthritis:

Researchers green tea as medicine to reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis are introduced. This effect with stop destructive enzymes and degenerative joint cartilage is caused.

Green tea and the strength of teeth and bones:

This type of tea contains a substance called fluorine (flourine) as well. Fluorine causes the internal structure of teeth to be strong and weaken tooth enamel and is prevented. High percentage of fluoride, most green tea because of its positive effect on teeth and bones are. Thus, the high percentage of fluoride in green tea can bones and teeth against damage, especially to protect decay and osteoporosis.

Sedatives and anti-stress:

This herbal drink a sedative is also considered. Drinking tea with the nervous system is more resistant your body, calm the nerves and stress away for you to bring. Since many diseases directly related to stress and nervous system are drinking this tea can be a full-scale drug named diseases.

Brain function and green tea:

Green tea in particular parts of the brain cell activity to boost memory and stimulates. The other hand, green tea reduces the amount of acetylcholine in the brain cells and this action prevents the destruction of brain cells in Alzheimer's disease is. On the other hand antioxidants in green tea prevents the destruction of brain cells that cause Parkinson's disease is a major update, is. In other words, green tea antioxidants to postpone aligned with the brain cells in aging and exhaustion phase, preventing the risk of Parkinson's are.

Asthma and green tea:

Theophylline in green tea in order Gshadknndh bronchial drug (Brvnkvdylatvr) that causes relaxation and relieve inflammation and respiratory allergy (necrotic tissue) is. Thus drinking green tea for people with asthma or people because they have special jobs (such as cement factory workers) or live in certain areas (residents of cold regions), is recommended.

Other benefits:

- Green tea is also capable of Opiate Detoxification and liver fat accumulation in the liver to prevent. Green Tea and deficiency of estrogen deficiency in menopausal and compensation helps prevent osteoporosis. Ultimately lead to the fact that green tea calm your spirit, and thus, for refreshment snack consumption is recommended.

- Other benefits of green tea can be pointed to these cases: to enhance the intellectual power and concentration, prevent diseases like Alzheimer's, treatment of joint inflammation and swelling, treatment and prevention of disease, MS (multiple sclerosis). It is interesting to know Katchyn in green tea to eliminate pathogenic bacteria causing food poisoning or poison produced by bacteria and thus in the food poisoning as a useful drug is used.

- Vitamin C in green tea and strengthening the immune system, the body against various diseases, particularly illnesses such as colds and flu season in winter, diarrhea and vomiting in the summer and fall resistant to sensitivities. In ancient China people who were constantly sick were given green tea.

- Drink green tea not only against ear infections and inflammation protects it in case this problem, moisten with a clean cloth to clean green tea and then listen to it can somewhat reduce the swelling and infection.

- Herpes viral agent that is a problem, but with green tea can be accelerated to improve it; Thus, if the desired location with green tea and wait until we wet to dry and this operation repeated three times a day we , and elimination of wound healing process is accelerated.

- Green tea, many pathogenic factors that impact on oral health eliminates negative. So can drinking green tea supplement for oral health says. In addition, green tea to eliminate bad bacteria in the mouth area, bad breath and bad breath will smell too high. Ancient Chinese green tea as medicine deodorants mouth before attending the official ceremony and Myhmanyha used.

- A combination known as "El Tyanyn" in green tea which is kind of amino acid properties, sedation and can case stress, depression and stress and excitement destroy.

- Japanese researchers studying compounds found in green tea combined epithelial Galvkatchyn Galat (EGCG) performance, such as insulation to prevent connection of HIV on immune system cells and creating weak immune system are. In other words, drinking green tea can be a complementary factor to prevent HIV infection (AIDS) with immune system cells insulate said.

- Green tea from the destructive effects of ultraviolet radiation on DNA prevents.

How to use:

For each a teaspoonful of green tea in the teapot and poured each a spoon, a cup of hot water with temperatures 80 to 85 degrees added to the teapot and lid for seven to eight minutes, then let it drink. Remember this point is essential that green tea such as black tea does not need to brew. Black tea and green tea both come to the same plant. The difference is that for the preparation of steamed green tea leaf, powder (powder) and they are then dried for tea, but black first and then fermented leaves are dry and sometimes chemical materials and colors to add and in the end is toast, the process is done more on tea.

Daily consumption:

Green tea as an alternative for black tea and coffee is recommended. Daily drink three glasses of green tea (containing soluble materials Tuesday grams) or 300 to 400 mg daily standardized green tea extract (extract must contain 80 percent and 55 percent poly Fnlha epithelial Galvkzchyn) is useful. Types of products, green tea capsules and liquid are also available.

Maintenance method:

To stay fresh and fragrant green tea is better than it in the pan in the dark dark place away from light and moisture store.

Chemical composition of tea leaves:

Material tea leaves are formed of cellulosic materials, resinous materials, Dkstryn, pectin, fat substances, materials, wax, starch, sugar, acid, gallic acid, Agzalyk, Kvrstyn, protein, fiber (fiber), minerals, tannins, caffeine, or specify , aromatic compounds and enzyme. Reviews statistics show about 80 percent of Japanese people drink green tea, so that more than half of them or more than three cups a day taking it. Results of a new study in Japan shows that if regularly drink green tea, the possibility of death from heart disease - cardiovascular is reduced 25 percent. Researchers from these studies also found benefits of green tea appeared greater for women. Women who daily five or more cups of green tea compared with those who consumed one cup or less were 31 percent lower risk of dying from heart disease faced. Finally, because many properties of green tea because of its time in many countries not as a drink as a herbal drink every day and know that they recommend. /

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