Saturday, May 29, 2010

Green tea most beneficial beverage

Tea increases your metabolic rate is about a lot of people complain about low body metabolism and say the reason they are overweight. Green tea as a factor that actually increases the metabolism rate is proven and you can receive an additional 70 calories from 80 to drink with only 5 cups of green tea per day burn. After one year you will be able to 4 kg of weight just by drinking green tea lose. Of course, 15 minute walk daily will have the same effect ...

Properties of green tea for weight loss

Green tea extract increased calorie and fuel stored body fat and thus weight loss is. Previous studies on animals have shown that green tea extract increases the process "Trmvjnsyz" is. This process is related to the production of body heat of digestion, absorption and metabolism of foods in the body is created. Similar research on the process humans has also proven. Caffeine green tea also increased 28 percent to 70 percent "Trmvjnsyz" in the body. When "Afydryn" leaf green tea with caffeine is added, this property twice is. In green tea a substance called egcg there that the composition of matter and caffeine and Afydryn have more on this process. But the point that there is that green tea capsules and use it to reduce speed and weight are not to be used in addition to these, proper diet and exercise also can be used alternately and continuously to reach the desired result.

Green tea causes weight loss is

Studies show that green tea extract due to the oxidation of fats can cause weight loss. Service to report "Health" Iranian Students News Agency, green tea has anti-inflammatory effect, the following daily cholesterol and is antibacterial. Police Fnlhay green tea inhibit cancer-causing agents are. Also, green tea from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation on dna prevented. Green tea flavonoids reduce serum cholesterol and blood pressure are also reduce consumption, so that three glasses of tea per day reduced the chance of heart disease. Powerful antioxidants in tea cancer preventive elements in the early stages of development and progress are. Green tea contains fluoride, which can cause hardening tooth enamel; tea also contains manganese, which will increase production again and bones are forming.

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  1. Green Tea is one of the Natural tea which plays very important role to weight loss treatments.Its also best for the Metabolic process.And helps to prevent against the cancer.